Speaking dilution: Siddaramaiah

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bhrasthacara forces in the suppression of the formation of Karnataka Chief Minister Mr Siddaramaiah lokayuktavannu further sabalagolisalaguvude durbalagolisalaguvudilla unless they are published in the state assembly on Tuesday.

Created in 1984, the Karnataka Lokayukta Act in the state. The Lokayukta police department in the organization, will continue. Likewise, in 1984 the ombudsman kayideyu continue.

Also, by executive order empowering the Lokayukta police motukugolisilla unless additional authorization is given. Therefore, bhrasthacara resistance fighters have sadduddesadinda.Lokayuktavannu not weaken. As well as the investigative branch of government is located in the center of the Lokpal.

The purpose of the suppression of the formation of bhrasthacara platoon. We should remind that bhrasthacara to eliminate. There is no compromise. The formation of a new organization for the protection of anyone. Sadanakku this organization is uttaradayatva. There is no question of getting back to bhrasthacara the proposal of the Bureau that the formation of the State Assembly, Mr Siddaramaiah said.